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North Denver Free Wifi

Here is a list of cool spots in North Denver that offer free wifi. Now not just any establishment can be listed. Some of the requirements include:

  • The establishment must be open until at least 7pm. Any earlier than that and you don't have any time to stop in after work and actually drink the beverage of your choice.
  • No smoking. I lived in California too long. I find it difficult to take controlled burning of plant matter in an enclosed space. No an environment I would spend much time in.

My reviews will focus on establishments north of Hampden Ave. Actually Washington Park or further north. Since I do live on the north side, places in Denver need to be easy to get to, preferably fairly close to I-25. Also I try to point out when parking is not free as a lot of places in Lodo for example, have no free places to park.


Panera Bread
7739 Wadsworth Boulevard
Arvada, CO
M-Sa 6am-8:30pm
Su 7am-7:30pm
Nice place. It has coffee and pastries as well as sanwiches, soup, and salad. Getting on the Net is a snap.


Peabury Coffee
120th and Sheridan, NW Corner next to King Soopers
M-Sa 6am-7pm
Su 7am-5pm
Small place. Colorado's version of Starbucks so furniture is pretty stock. Lots of East facing windows so probably a little bright in the morning. OK in the afternoon. You have to get a user name and password from the barista to login.


Amante Coffee
4580 Broadway (North Boulder, Yarmouth and Broadway)
Boulder, CO
M-Sun 5:45am-10:30pm
This coffee shop and wine bar is located on North end of Boulder. A very nice place, medium sized, with free parking out back. They don't limit themselves to coffee only and sell juice, gelatto and wine. This makes it a good choice for light night hacking as its easy to avoid a caffine jolt late at night. My only complaint is their music is a bit oppressive (a little loud).
1301 Pennsylvania Ave
Boulder, CO
M-Fri 7am-11pm
Sa-Su 8am-11pm
Summer Hours 7:30-7:30
Near campus, on the hill area of Boulder. The connection is WEP encrypted so you have to get a new key number from the front desk if it has changed since the last time you were there.


Common Grounds
17th and Wazee
In Lodo, just south of Coors field
7AM-10PM (Just guessing, I couldn't find any hours posted.)
Large place with lots of places to sit or lounge. Should be able just to log in, no strings attached. However, the barista had to reboot the router for me to get on. No place to park for this place so you are basically looking at a minimum of $0.25 per 15 minutes.


The Press Coffee Company
11940 Bradburn Blvd., Suite 100
Westminster, CO
On the South side of 120th between Lowell and Sheridan
M-F 6am-9pm
Sa-Su 8am-6pm
A good sized coffee house with plenty of nice tables for computing. WiFi works with Linux, Mac OS X. Haven't tried Windows yet.